Thursday, 10 December 2015

Looking At The Picture Below,

it may seem all is peace and quiet,

but you would be wrong, Star Wars has come to the famous Japanese temple in Kyoto, Kiyomizu Temple, the iconic Buddhist temple has fallen under the films spell,

 taking inspiration from 17th-century artist Tawaraya Sotatsu’s Fujin Raijin-zu byobu, or Wind God and Thunder God Screens, Japanese artist Taro Yamamoto has recreated a dramatic stand off between two rivals,

 and naturally at the unveiling there just had to be two Storm Troopers, the Star Wars screens are on display for the public at Kiyomizu Temple in Kyoto Prefecture from December 8-15, and in Tokyo at the Nippon Television Tower in Shiodome from December 18-29th. and if memory serves it is showing here in Thailand in 7 days time.

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