Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Diana Just Loved The New Samsung S4 Telephone When It Was Announced,

a few months ago,

I had said I would buy her one as a birthday present at the end of June, but over the past month or so we have been inundated with advertisements for it on the Crime and Investigations channel that we often watch, so there was nothing for it, I decided not to be cruel and make her wait but to buy it for her now, as an early birthday present, it has recently arrived in Thailand, so it was off to the crowded underground motorbike park under Central Festival,

 we went to the Numchai Samsung outlet to buy the phone, this young gentleman helped us through filling out the guarantee forms and getting everything working,

 Diana taking her first picture of me taking a picture of her in the shop,

 no sooner had we arrived home, and before we even got into the front door Diana started taking pictures, this one of one of the flowers on the cactus,

 and this was the cactus in question,

 strangely enough it was the same one that flower just a couple weeks ago,

 and it also has two more buds so they should flower over the next day or two,

 I then noticed that another cactus had a new bud forming,

 well two in fact if you look very closely,

 before during and after our evening meal Diana was in seventh heaven playing with her new toy,

 this is the screen saver from the telephone, so far all seems to be well working well as one would expect, now the question is what do I actually buy her for her birthday at the end of next month?

 we settled down to watch the first of the two Sherlock Holmes movies, I say we, Diana was still engrossed with her telephone for most of the evening,

 we enjoyed it so much we had to watch the second one a Game of Shadows, both remarkably good fun to watch for a second time, we both hope that there will be a Sherlock Holmes 3 whatever that will be called as we enjoyed these two so much

we rounded the evening off with one episode from Silent Witness, series 14, titled Lost, a body believed to be hundreds if not thousands of years old is dug from a peat bog, but as the investigation continues it appears the body is more recent, dieing just 25 years or so ago, is it one of four young women that went missing at that time but only three remains have so far been found, could this one be the fourth? with that and after Diana playing a little more with her new toy, we were off to bed.

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