Monday, 27 May 2013

I Have Always Been Opposed To Windfarms,

they make fortunes for the manufactures of them,

not to mention the land owners who make a fortune for allowing these monstrosities to be placed on their land, but for the rest of us they are a waste of time, money, space and resources, but now professor Myles Allen has spoken out, an expert respected by the green fanatics themselves, not only condems windfarms but also many of the long-held beliefs of subsidising wind farms, carbon taxes and carbon trading systems, it is a long article to read but I think much of it make sense especially when we decide fracking far from being harmful may indeed be the way to go,

but here is a thought, look at the questions below and answer them before looking at what the correct answers should be, I think you find there will be a few surprises for all of us, so what are the facts about climate change? try this myth busting eco-quiz to find out,

scroll down for the answers,

Yes, you guessed it, amazingly all the answers are really 'C' who would have thought it!

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