Sunday, 5 May 2013

It Was The First Saturday Of The Month,

so time to give the plants outside some fertilizer,

 and inside give the fish their normal 25% water change,

 this aquarium is the easy one to give a water change to as there is both a tap and a drain next to it,

 it seems that the fish appreciate my efforts,

 as they grow bigger by the week,

 in the afternoon we watch some more programs on the Crime and Investigation channel, then was glad rags on as we decided to eat out and try a restaurant we have not been to before,

 it was the Parrot's Inn on Third Road that we decided to try,

 the reason we chose it is that every time we buy fish food from the aquatic store on Third Road we always look across and wonder what it is like,

passing the large illustrated menu outside,

  there is a large seating area,

 with plenty of space for dining or just having a beer and watching the evening pass by,

and for anybody feeling energetic there's a pool table,

 inside there is comfortable seating,

and a bar area, I should point out that the Parrot's Inn is also a hotel as well as a restaurant and bar, it is open 9AM to 10:30PM, 7 days a week,

 the staff were happy and smiling,

 and I have to say had a good command of English,

 'Cheers!', from me as our first course arrived,

 Diana had chicken satay I had deep-fried prawns, both portions were large and we both agreed that the sauce accompanying the chicken satay was the tastiest that we had ever been served,

 we then decided to treat ourselves to another course,

 scallops and aubergines served with a salad and boiled rice, which we had not tried before,

 after a break our main courses arrived,

 spaghetti bolognese for Diana,

 whilst I went for the recommended house steak but with out any of the sauces that were offered,

 Diana just loves her spaghetti bolognese,

and I just loved my second carafe of wine! by now we were so full we could not eat a desert, but we have to say the food was excellent and the Parrot Inn offers a large selection of dishes like the scallops that makes it a place to visit if you enjoy trying different foods, the bill including two carafes of red wine came to just a tad under 1,800 baht,

 the restaurant's card,

 along with map,

and contact details,

when we arrived home Diana made me a latte coffee and I then remembered some things that happened yesterday, firstly Nick called round in the morning for a tea and a chat and he remarked that he had seen something quite amazing, an elderly lady in a wheel chair was was pushed by her carer into the road, a motorcycle taxi then pulled up by the elderly lady, she reached out and grabbed the handle at the rear of the seat and the taxi driver then slowly pulled her in the wheelchair along the road increasing speed as they went to presumably take her home, I wonder if you would get away with this in the UK?

I also had a call from Slim Jim knowing that I collect stamps he mentioned the GB 30, the GB30 Rarities Index as quoted on Bloomberg Professional® (STGIGB30) is a good indication of the strength of the collectibles market, it lists Great Britain rare stamps available on the open market, and gives a snapshot of the market for scarce items, but I have to say it is only a guide, the prices quoted of course may go up as well as down, all I know is if I purchased one of these stamps I'm sure I would choose the one that would fall! but back to the evening we watched a few more from the C & I, then for us we were off to bed.

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