Friday, 24 May 2013

Police In The UK Have Stepped In With A Warning,

which could ban a British tradition that dates back to the early 19th century,

it’s a bank holiday tradition that is causing a stink between a cheese-maker and police, Diana Smart pulled out of the bank holiday Cooper’s Hill cheese-rolling races after advice from officers, Ms Smart, 89, had supplied giant double Gloucesters for the past 25 years until warned she could be regarded as an organiser and liable to legal action if there is an accident, ‘We are not allowed to supply them,’ she said. ‘They said it could cost us an enormous amount of damages, I just have to take it as they have said.’

and there was me thinking that the police were stretched to their limits of manpower when all they can really worry about is a cheese and people enjoying themselves! so here is an idea from a commentator,

'if we made it a Big Mac Rolling Contest, would McDonald's be liable?', an interesting question, I wonder how the policemen who spoke to Ms Smart would answer the question? the death of another British tradition, this time not to the Health & Safety brigade, but thanks to the good old British Bobby!

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