Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Some Time Back,

we mentioned a Jaguar E type that is being auctioned,

well the results are now in, at the RAF Museum in Hendon the car, an original 1961 'Flat Floor' E-Type Roadster went under the hammer at the Bonhams auction for a staggering £109,000. which was 3 times more than the estimate that was given on 18 April,

Jon Polson, motor car specialist at auctioneers Bonhams which sold the Jaguar, said: 'it's an incredible car - very rare and very desirable, it's the E-Type at its purest before changes had to be made to the model to adhere to safety laws, it is the 59th ever built, and there are only a handful of the original models remaining',

still there is one piece of good news for the perspective owner, although the restoration costs were quoted at about £100,000 in the original article, it now appears that experts have said the restoration could cost as little as £50,000, so that's a good saving, making original cost of the car seem more reasonable, would I like a fully restored E-Type type? You bet I would!

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