Sunday, 26 May 2013

I Have Split Today's Post Into Two Parts,

as we have lots of pictures to post,

the problem being that having lots of pictures slows down posting them, but enough of that onto today, we had decided to try a place that we have driven past a few times for breakfast called Meat Stuff, it is on Soi 8 Thepprasit Road, the road that runs along to the Eden hotel past the Punch and Judy where we will be having our Sunday lunch tomorrow,

every Friday and Saturday the company put tables and chairs outside so you can sample some of the different sausages and meats as well as smoked seafoods that they sell,

one page of the barbecue menu,

as well as serving breakfast and lunch there is a cold room section where the company's products or for sale as well as various condiments from both Switzerland and Canada,
the side of the company van which you may have seen driving around Pattaya,
I had been down this road before when one evening when Diana was in the Philippines, both Mr. Tony and myself had a meal at this restaurant which is next door to Meat Stuff called the Blue Olive,

although difficult to see because of the parked cars, Meat Stuff had so many customers, both enterprises share the same facade,

we were lucky as a table became available just as we arrived,

we both tried one of the many varieties of sausages each, the breakfast/lunch comes complete with a generous portion of potato salad and a slice of fresh brown bread,

we both thought that the portions were more than generous and at 110 baht each reasonably priced,

our stomachs full we made our way back to the bike, this is the view outside the restaurant looking towards Thepprasit Road,

then we were off to Jomtien as there was a beach side festival taking place,

it was called lets shop @ beach festival,

and there were certainly plenty of shops all stalls to choose from,

as well as an area which had been decorated with various floral arrangements for shows to take place in later in the evening,

the rows of stalls started from the busy end of Jomtien where the police box is,
and along the beach front as far as the eye could see going towards Sattahip,
whilst walking around I noticed a couple of motorbikes that were on display,

this one had a particularly neat front suspension system,

whilst owner of this bike had customised with twin exhausts and lots of chrome,
not to mention some really detailed paintwork,

a view of the front which is most probably the last thing you would see if you were a rabbit at night frozen in the headlamps glare,

we made our way towards the police box looking at the jewellery stalls as we went,

arriving at the end we turned round and made our way back through the jewellery section and onto some of the other stalls,

and it was quite amazing what some of the stalls were selling,

not quite clear blue skies but it was certainly very warm and sunny,

Diana decided on an ice cream,

it was kind of neat the way it was served, first a small plastic cup was pierced from the bottom with a bamboo skewer then forced through the block of ice cream, the result being that as the ice cream melted the cup caught the melted ice cream rather than it running down the stick then over your hand,

a view of one of the restaurants we like when we go to immigration, the Surf Kitchen this picture taken from the other side of the road,

lots of holidaymakers on the beach although it is now no longer the high season,

there were also a few displays taking place on and over the beach like this chap hanging near the top of the picture,
I think he is from an attraction in Pattaya called Flight of the Gibbon,
now this is what I call the barbecue, huge, but more importantly for us when we buy our next one I shall make sure like this one ours has legs,

we made our way past more stall selling food,

when we came across another attraction for both locals and tourists alike,

a group of young lads making their own pop group,

there was certainly a large selection of foods here some which we had not seen before,
but we were familiar with these sliced, dried bananas,
although I have to admit we had not heard of this range of drinks before,

as the afternoon wore on the sidewalk became more crowded,

this is one stall we could not fail to notice,

as it was selling both dried squid and shrimps both of which have a unique smell,

we then walked past some more beach fun,

where some of the participants were really enjoying themselves!

we continued walking along the food stalls when Diana spotted one of her favourites, sticky rice in banana leaves, is a strange thing that this food only seems to be available at these two or three day markets, we never see them for sale in the Soi Bukaow or any of our local markets,
I was almost tempted to buy some popcorn but then I remembered my diet!
there were a number of film crews here plus lots of photographers from newspapers judging by the amount of gear there were walking around with,

this gentleman for instance has what appears to be a real technical piece of kit complete with a mono-pod,

and this is what he was taking a movie of a display of what I believe are cakes,
although we did not stay, we now decided to make our way back home, there were lots of shows taking place later in the evening, looking at this I thought the back of my hi-fi system was complicated but I have no idea what goes where with this lot!

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