Saturday, 18 May 2013

What A Difference A Day Makes,

yesterday on Thursday there was hardly a soul here,

 but today as it is market day the place is heaving with people and cars,

 the motorcycle and car park almost full to capacity,

 Diana chose the middle entrance to the market whilst I made my way along to the Soi Bukaow market entrance,

 as usual lots of fresh fruit for sale,

 and clothes,

 no excuses for being late on this stall!

 I finally made my way to the far end of the market where the pet stalls are situated,

 along with some of the plant outlets,

 lots to choose from,

although we take roses for granted in England,

 they do not seem to do well here in Pattaya, I guess these have been grown where it is cool in the evenings, perhaps in the north of Thailand,

 we had decided to meet in one of the cafés in the market for a ice coffee each, Diana had a successful mornings shopping, buying not only food but a new pair of shoes!

then home for a couple of hours in the afternoon before making our visit to the weekend night market, but on the way we stopped at the fishing tackle shop to buy some bait as we are going fishing next week,

 arriving at the market and looking towards Jomtien there were some clouds coming in from the sea,

 either we were very early or Za Sha is not here any more,

 opposite the bar tonight a clothes stall on the right and a stall selling two pillowcases and a sheet 120 baht on the left,

 I guess we must have been early this evening some stalls had hardly begun to set up,

 the cloud from the sea had now made its way inland,

 there were quite a few customers in the food aisles this evening,

 and a new T-shirt stall had opened up this week,

 hardly a soul in the pet aisle though, the gentleman with the long hair is the stall owner,

 sunset over the market, I hate to say it but it does not look like a stargazing night tonight,

 lots of selection if you want a ice drink on this stall,

 just a couple of customers at the bar this evening,

 whilst I was having a beer Diana was out shopping, she returned with some lychee's and some small bittersweet plums,

 this evening we were joined by Mr. Tony,

 as the sun finally went down the cloud cover seem to thicken, so no moon gazing this evening,

 when we arrived home Diana cooked both of us a Chinese chicken curry which was absolutely delicious, we then rounded it off with some fresh fruit whilst we watched a few episodes of Pickers,

after we said our goodbyes to Mr. Tony we watched another episode from Silent Witness, this one entitled A Guilty Mind, as it was getting late we only watched the first half, so after tomorrow evenings barbecue we shall be looking forward to see how this one ends, so with that we were off to bed.

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