Thursday, 2 May 2013

I Forgot To Mention,

that I had dropped my camera in for repair,

so today I was back to TukCom to pick it up, this is now the second time I've had the camera cleaned when dust and dirt has found its way inside the body, the good news was that previously I was charged 1500 baht, but this time just 1200 baht, I would have thought by now that a camera manufacturer could have made a body which would exclude dust, but with my experience with this camera and a few others it appears that is not the case,

 but here's a good news, now blue skies without bits of dust and fluff in the picture, also in good news department I was told the repair has a 30 day guarantee,

 now to the bad news department it appears anything I have that is even remotely electrical seems to have more than its fair share of problems, when I went to change the alarm clock on my Nokia this is the message I got,

 so I guess at some stage another trip to TukCom to get this repaired,

but at least I won at monopoly today!

for a number of months now we have considered subscribing to the TMN cable network, the reason being there are a number of programs which are unavailable on the UBC/True Vision package that we have, notably a couple of crime channels, CI in particular that we often wanted to watch, so as it was the first of May and a number of new series were being screened from that date a call was made to the company and they called round that afternoon,

I'm glad at the moment there is a deal going on for free installation, this cable went right to the end of the road,

 almost a half a drums worth!

two engineers or technicians called round, one was outside completing the exterior cabling in the street,

just watch out for the three-phase electric, but whilst this was going on outside, inside the second technician was completing the interior wiring,

 and then hey presto it was all done and this is just one of the many programmes we wanted to watch,

 it may seem strange but both Diana and myself do enjoy watching factual programmes, like the ones above, also some about border patrols and smuggling, primary based in Australia, we find all of these fascinating but of course they are not available on the UBC/True Vision selection of programmes, as for picture quality all I can say it is they are as good as the UBC/True Vision that we have now and for just 3,500 baht a year I think we could end up watching TMN more than the UBC/True Vision that we have, as a guide the UBC/True Vision package we have is 18,000 baht a year

one small point neither of the engineers could speak any English, but with sign language everything went smoothly, so I have to say if you are looking for a cable or satellite system for the price we paid I would thoroughly recommend the TMN package so far, as it happened we watched it all night but eventually decided on a high definition Blu-ray to round off the evening,

we decided to watch another Blu-ray we had purchased from Greece, The Amazon: River of the Sun, it was absolutely stunning in high-definition, the colours so crisp and sharp, also for me it was extremely interesting, as it says in the title it was about the Amazon river and the hundreds of millions of fish amongst others that inhabit it,

one part of the Blu-ray disc dealt with these huge water lilies that are native to the Amazon, unfortunately for me the programme and time just seem to fly past as we were watching it, but as by now it was late for us we were off to bed.

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