Wednesday, 8 May 2013

I Was Due For My Health Check Up,

so off we went to a local clinic,

 but more of that later, as we were out and about we decided to go for a drive to a mango stall,

but instead of selling mangoes in the shape that we are used to,

these all appear to be round,

there were of course some of the 'normal' shaped mango's for sale,

 so we had a look around at some of the different varieties that were on offer,

 each group with different labels under them to indicate which variety they were,

 decision made and they were in the bag, 4 mangoes weighing in at 3 kg,

 I'm guessing but there must have been 10 or 12 different varieties of the round apple shaped mangoes here,

each one with a slightly different flavour there were also some of these spiky fruits for sale, but we decided against those, we then saw some signs to the Pattaya Fruit Garden, so we decided to have a look, we drove into the car park but there were no signs of what the attraction held, we were in fact the only visitors there, all we could see were a few bird cages and a pool but nothing else, a security guard rushed over and demanded 250 baht, but as there were no brochures for us to see what the attractions were and as there was no signage as to how big or small the facility was we declined to give him the 500 baht and left,

on the way out to the mango stall we pass this chap here on the left, pedalling along in one of those tricycles where you lay flat, then in a total coincidence we spotted again him on the way back home,

 when we arrived home I just had to take a picture of the Amaryllis,

 this particular pot had grown so well with some 30 or 40 blooms,

 each one a nice like salmon pink colour,

back to the clinic, this can be the problem if you go to a clinic rather than a large hospital, the clinic of course is cheaper but you can end up like I did with nurse who is not perhaps as well-trained as in a large International hospital, who then after four or five failed attempts to find a vein in one arm then makes the other arm into a pin cushion to make a matching pair, would this happened at a full-size hospital rather than small clinic? who knows but at least the procedure didn't cost a fortune! and yes it did hurt,

but here's the good news, we now have fresh hybrid mangoes for the next few evenings to munch on as we watch television,

 whilst out and about we also called in to the fishing tackle shop as will be going fishing later in the week,

 the shop is on Thepprasit Road, this is the view looking towards the Sumkivitt Highway, the MP petrol station in the far distance on the same side as the fishing tackle shop,

then just as we settled down for a cup of coffee a van from the TMN cable television cable company stopped outside and gave us a full copy of the contract and a free T-shirt, I should mention in passing that we are extremely satisfied with the cable company, we have watched so many of the programs which are not available on True Vision, and in comparison at 3,500 baht a year seems like extremely good value for money, especially when the picture quality is the same,

 next onto our late afternoon/early evening game of Monopoly, no prizes for guessing I won!

 in fact the game was over so quickly we decided to have another game, I hate to admitted it but I that one as well!

game over we then watched Another Earth, a science fiction thriller, a new planet near us is discovered and named Earth 2 as it is a mirror of our Earth, scientists discover that the synchronicity between the dwellers was interrupted when the planets were seen by each other, I have to say we both found it extremely slow and dull, in fact if you watch paint drying and found that exciting this could be the one for you, as with the exception of one car crash is even more duller than a dull thing,

then back to our favourite series the moment, Silent Witness, we watched the last of series 12, Finding  Rachel,

then to round off the evening the first of series 13, Intent, this was an interesting one, as the episode progressed it became more and more apparent to all concerned that one of the team's colleagues was in on a fraud, swindle and murder, then as we were up early for us we were off to bed.

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