Thursday, 30 May 2013

Here Is A Bit Of A Brain Teaser,

a long, long time ago,

lived a queen called Champagne and her gorgeous daughter, Princess Bubbles, the princess wished to be married, but Queen Champagne would not allow it, she never wanted Bubbles to leave the palace, so Queen Champagne devised a scheme to rid the palace of suitors, all a suitor had to do to win Bubble's hand in marriage was to draw a piece of paper from a golden bowl,

but there was a catch: there were two pieces of paper in the bowl, one said, "My Child," resulting in marriage to the princess, the other said "The Snakes," which meant the suitor would be thrown into a pit of venomous snakes, never to be seen again, somehow, the suitors always seemed to end up in the snake pit,

one day a handsome knight named Sir Baldrick came along and Bubbles fell head over heels for him, the princess pulled him aside and whispered, "I think my mother is a cheat, I believe both pieces of paper says 'The Snakes.'"

Baldrick assessed the situation and said, "Fear not -I've got a cunning plan," aware that he cannot expose the queen as a cheater, how does Sir Baldrick win Princess Bubble's hand in marriage? before scrolling down for the answer what would be your cunning plan to win Bubbles hand in marriage?

when Sir Baldrick pulled a slip of paper from the bowl, he read it, exclaimed, "I've won!" and then quickly ate the paper, the witnesses were astonished by his actions, and demanded to see the remaining piece of paper to see if he was lying, the remaining piece of paper said, "The Snakes," and the queen's trickery was never revealed, did you guess the answer?

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