Tuesday, 21 May 2013

I Have Always Thought Of The Areas Under An Underpass,

as places to avoid, especially at night,

but maybe not anymore if this idea by artists Joe O’Connell and Blessing Hancock takes off, this series of 6 chandeliers each 48" in diameter is currently installed at the intersection of Theo and Malone with I-35, in San Antonio, Texas, the materials used were recycled bicycle parts, structural steel, custom LED fixtures and controller,

 at night they give a totally different look at to what many would think of as places to avoid,

will they catch on in other underpasses? only time will tell, but what a great place to set up a mobile bar, like some of these we have seen here in Pattaya,
 this is possibly the smallest mobile bar we have seen, an old 90 cc bike and sidecar with a couple of chairs, music and lighting,

normally the mobile bars are like this one, a VW camper that has been converted, so with lighting it looks like a few raves will be taking place at an underpass near you soon!

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