Thursday, 23 May 2013

Straight On To Today's Post,

as we are out early today,

 Diana is really enjoying her new toy, especially playing some of the games, like this one, Subway Surfers,

the graphics and the fast moving pace of this game on the Samsung S4,

are really first class,

the object of the game is for you to pick up tokens,

whilst running along the track with oncoming trains racing toward you,

 to make matters worse you are also being chased by the railway network security guard,

 naturally I was absolutely hopeless at it and kept running into trains or buffers then being caught!

but we did encounter one slight problem with the new phone, a normal sized SIM card does not fit, so back to the Central Festival motorbike park and then to the shop we bought it from to trim Diana's SIM card down and fit it for us, I guess we could have done this ourselves, but decided not to take a chance on ruining the SIM card if we got it wrong, is a pity that in the instruction manual that came with the phone it does not advise you of how to trim a normal sized SIM card to make it fit,

the good news was it gave me the chance to look at new cameras, having now spent just under £100 to repeatedly get dirt cleaned from the one I now have, I decided that if it fills with dust and dirt again I would treat myself to a new camera, the picture above was taken using Diana's new S4,

 having said that I might be better off with a new phone,

 the rubber bands that hold my present phone together constantly need replacing!

 in the evening it was glad rags on and we were out for our evening meal,

 we took a couple of motorbike taxis to the top of Soi Diamond,

 then walked down to Walking Street itself,

 and this is where we were headed, the Lobster Pot seafood restaurant,

 naturally a full selection of seafood is available,

 from the ice filled trays outside or alive from aquariums,

 but not this one, somehow gold fish and chips just does not sound appetising,

 we sat outside overlooking the bay,

 in the sky the moon was just visible through the clouds,

 looking inland,

 we could see the rear of some of the bars that had their entrances in Walking Street,
 before our starters arrived Diana had ordered a Mai Thai,

 and here were our starters,

 a crab legs salad and spicy fishcakes,
 Diana just had to try her new toy before we started the meal,

 'Cheers!', from me,

 and then a quick top up from Diana,

 for a brief moment the moon was visible, hopefully over the next few evenings the cloud that has been plaguing us for the past week or so will finally clear,

 then our main course arrived,

 it was the house seafood selection,

 and it was huge!

  I just had to try a fried calamari moustache,

 the food as you might expect was excellent with a selection of grilled fish, prawns, cockles, crabs, rock lobsters, mussels and rice,

 the cloud had by now dispersed and the sky was quite clear, so hopefully over the weekend we can do some moon gazing,

 after a long break our dessert arrived,

 a banana split,

 which we both shared, 

 we were both totally full,

 but I still had room for a latte coffee,

 which was delicious,

then it was time to leave, the meal came to 2,500 baht, (at todays rate £55.70 $83.71), a tad expensive but this is on Walking Street which of course is one of the most expensive areas to eat, but that did include a cocktail for Diana and a litre of red wine, two starters, the seafood platter, a banana split, and a latte coffee,

 we made our way back past the bright lights,

 and Go-Go bars,

 I asked Diana if she was hungry as we walked pass the kebab stall, the answer was no!

we had decided to walk to the Roxy,

 to see a good friend of ours Grieg for a nightcap,

 after saying our goodbyes, we made our way past the big tree in Walking Street which over the years has become a shrine,

then under the bright lights to our waiting motorcycle taxis to take us home, but before that happened the rains came down, lucky for us we missed the main downpour, but we were still both slightly wet by the time we arrived home, so a quick change of clothes, then feet up so we could watch some television,

for tonight's viewing L. A. Law, tonights episode The Mouse That Soared, Victor's client brings a complaint to stop dwarf tossing contests at the club, some of the story lines seem so strange but in fact I do remember this case some years ago and last year it was in the news again, with that we were off to bed.

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