Thursday, 4 August 2016

First Stop,

the bank,

 where does the money go?

 second stop pick up Diana from shopping at Friendship and stop for an ice coffee and tea to go, 

after dropping off Diana at home I made a move to the aquatic store to buy some frozen blood-worms for the discus,

 then it all happened at once, as I answered the telephone, Steve from the UK was calling, there was a 'hello you in?' from the front gate, Alex had called round, no sooner had I stopped talking to Steve than Phil arrived, so we looked at the fish and chatted the afternoon way,

 going outside to bid them both farewell I noticed another couple of flowers from Diana's stinky cactus,

  this was a cutting that I took from one of the plants in the big tray,

that seems to have done quite well,

 and in the big tray another flower has appeared,

  over flowing on to the tray next door,

 then glad rags on,

 Bill, Flor, Diana and myself were off for our evening meal to Cherry's,

 for their International buffet,

 the buffet takes place every Wednesday and Saturday,

the food seems almost endless, 

 so many things to tempt you,

 a good tip, 

 always arrive hungry,

 we did! 

carefully does it, Cherry's is located on Third Road, opposite what was once the X-Cite disco, 

 we arrived home for a nightcap,

and some more happy faces, we chatted away until it was time for Bill and Flor to leave then for us we were off to bed.

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