Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Great News,

Bill and Flor,

 arrived from the Philippines, we spent the day chatting away then it was time for afternoon cocktails, next out for a meal,

 we chose The Sky Gallery,

 which is behind the Cosy Beach Hotel on Pratamnuk Hill,

 the venue is outdoors on decking,

 with views across the bay,

 and across to Kho Larn, 

 a pose from Diana,

 and from Flor and Bill,

 there was plenty of seating behind us,

 but we were lucky with a cancellation and had a beach-side table,

 Cheers!', from Diana with an ice tea,

 and from Flor, Bill and myself,

 our starters arrived, a shared Caesar salad for Diana and Flor, a clam chowder for Bill,

 lobster bisque for myself,

 the restaurant had a huge selection of cocktails,

 and a lovely view out to sea,


 we all relaxed as we watched the sun go down,

 Bill was working his way through the cocktail list,

 this picture does not do the tree justice, it was huge and perfect for dinning under,

 a quick pose from Diana,

 and our meals arrived,

 both Bill and myself,

 decided on steaks, and nice they were too, we waited for the girls food to arrive, and waited, and waited, by now our food was at the same temperature as the air so both Bill and I slowly ate, then stopped and waited some more,

 eventually the girls food arrived,

not just late, but embarrassingly late,

 meal finished, 

 we made our way to the road,

 passing through the bar and shop area,

 wonderful tasty meal, great food and beautiful views, but such a shame about the dismal service, not the place to go to as a couple if you want to eat at the same time, 

 a short walk later and we were in a mini bus and for 200 baht,

 we were dropped off at the Marine Plaza,

 we walked to the Middle Eastern quarter,

 and into Walking Street,

 as crowds rushed by, 

 then a bit of fun, here one chap is wearing some type of goggles which fools him into thinking he is in another world, but the second chap, his friend has to hold him so he does not fall over trying to keep his balance, all of this accompanied by shrieks of laughter from both participants and the crowd watching,

 we made our way along the street,

 looking at some of the neon signs,

 above different venues,

 for some reason Lucifer was not open, but maybe we were a bit early,

 having said that,

 the rest of the street was buzzing,

 I just love,

 all of the neon signs,

 there are also open bars with live music, some like this one exceptionally good,

 and we just had to take a picture of the sideways car, possibly the most photographed car in Thailand!

 everyone was taking selfies with their telephones, 

 I had to admire the Turkish ice cream sellers beard,

 we settled down in an old favourite bar, the Lucky Star Bar or Dang's as we used to call it on the corner of Soi Diamond and Walking Street, the girls were trying to outdo each other in the silly faces game,

 I am not sure who was winning,

but for Bill and myself we just chilled out with a few vodka with soda or tonic, then time for home, after saying our farewells to Bill and Flor we arrived home for a nightcap, and we were then off to bed.

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