Thursday, 4 August 2016

When You Build A Restaurant,

you normally have an idea of the cost,

not so if you plan your restaurant to be in a plane and have to import it into China, well the cost of the aircraft, a Boeing 737 was known, 5 million yuan, at today's rate $753,466 or £565,337,

what was not known was the cost of shipping the aircraft, businessman Li Liang acquired the aircraft from Indonesian airline Batavia Air, in May 2015, but then had to go through six months of exhausting custom procedures in order to get the aircraft into China, “Demounting, port, shipping, business license, trade declaration…all these procedures were never done by anybody before, which means I had to go through them one by one,” Li said, adding that the Boeing 737 had to be disassembled a total of eight times in its four-month journey from Indonesia to Wuhan, China, getting the plane split into parts that then had to be packed in around 70 containers and shipped multiple times, it apparently cost the businessman a further 3 million yuan ($452,164 or £339,311),

but in the end all went well for him, after finally setting up the airplane restaurant on the Optics Valley Pedestrian Street, one of the busiest shopping areas of Wuhan, Li is ready to welcome curious diners and airplane enthusiasts, the restaurant is located in the cabin area of the airplane, and the cockpit has been converted into a flying simulator where patrons will be able to experience what it’s like to fly a passenger jet, Li said that a dinner at Lilly Airways is priced between 200 to 300 yuan ($30 – $45 or £22 - £33) per person, which considering the outlay seems a good deal.

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