Saturday, 17 January 2009

Do Not Mess With Fish 43!

and you thought fish were fun! well these ones are, they are from Bangkok, but originally from Lake Nyasa in Africa, the lake is the third largest in the Rift Valley lake system, I did keep Discus in this aquarium, but consolidated them in the other 60" aquarium in the living room, I will put a few pictures of it after this post,
the good news about these cichlids is that they are always on the move,
but on the other hand make them difficult to photograph!
theses were all about 1.5 inches when we bought them, but are now just over 2" in
the couple of weeks we have had them,
I will not go into Latin names, just suffice to say Diana bought the pretty ones!
like this electric blue fellow,
and yellow mottled,
and red blocked,
blue cheeked,
and orange bodied,
and blue faced, but if you are interested the vast majority are of the Haplochromis group (now renamed) and a couple of representative of Aulonocara species.

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