Monday, 1 August 2016

We Were Looking Through The Pictures We Had Of Our Trip To Europe,

that were taken by professional photographers,

 we are still waiting for the ones of our wedding, when they arrive we have some lovely frames to put them in, but for now a trip down memory lane,

 as we hold hands in the restaurant in the Eiffel Tower,

 'Ah!' how romantic!

 one of the stops we made on the Ventura, this one in Majorca,

 also on board there were a number of formal evenings,

 where on occasion a free black and white picture was given,

 and before you ask,

 I will let you guess if it was a ready made dicky-bow or not!

 the parrot really made Diana jump, the actor tapped Diana on the shoulder, when she turned round and saw the parrot it was priceless!

 another formal evening on the Ventura, the Captains Gala Reception,

 meet the crew on the Ventura,
our late afternoon/evening meal along the River Seine in Paris,

on board the Crystal II,

the Sail-away party as we leave Gibraltar, so many fond memories.

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