Sunday, 31 July 2016

Later I Was Going Shopping,

so I parked in the Friendship car park,

on the steps the lottery ticket sellers,

I made my way across the car park,

to Dr. Chanis the dentist that we both go to, a new crown fitted and a temporary filling removed and replaced, appointment made for next week so shopping for the weekend I went,

arriving home I noticed that some more flowers had opened in the tray that has most of Diana's stinky cactus in,

several flowers on one of them in fact,

also this one had flowered again,

and this one that also had a hanging flower,

by the side of it's pot,

 the rest of the day just slipped past, then time for our bar-b-q, we started with chicken and sweetcorn soup,

 followed by garlic bread,

 then light the barby,

 which took remarkably quickly for a change,

 then Riza arrived,

 with a huge snow fish, better known as the sablefish (Anoplopoma fimbria),

 Riza taking care of the barby,

 next on some chicken fillets, 


 the chicken was ready before the fish, but here the fish is,

 Diana's turn to take a picture,

 then Riza,

 and when we started the desserts Diana again,

 we had a few fresh fruits,

and a delicious home made creme caramel that Riza had made, we listened to music and chatted away for the rest of the evening, then after saying our farewells to Riza we made a move inside and we were off to bed.

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