Wednesday, 27 July 2016

We Were Up Early,

and off to Bangkok,

 passing the newly rebuilt Max Muay Thai stadium,

 it seemed in no time at all,

 we were passing through,

 some of the high rise buildings, 

 in Bangkok,

 and soon passing,

 the construction site,

 that is near to where we are going, 

 we took the turning for,

 Kamphaeng Phet 2 Road, 

 past this huge new building,

 off of the motorway and past Chatuchak Park,

 turning into the J J Mart building and parking there,

 looking down over the market,

 we were a tad early,

 behind the sign one of the market shrines,

 some of the flower sellers doing their rounds,

 we made our past one of the many porcelain stalls,

 with these huge pots for sale outside,

 and many more smaller ones,

 the market shrine we looked at from the 3rd floor,

 into the market, as I mentioned we were a bit early so as many of the stalls had not yet opened we had a look around,

 this shop selling chandeliers,

 past one of the other shrines,

 Diana was captivated, by a snake catching, then eating its breakfast, 

in here there are stalls selling,

 koi carp, 

 we made our way past some of the hard goods stalls,

 then the J J Mart opened, and it was time for breakfast,

 KFC all round,

 followed by a Dairy Cream ice cream,

 then it was time to start shopping,

 for a few fish for the aquarium,

 we decided against shrimps and freshwater crayfish,

 if you want fish in quantity say for a shop you buy them by the bag, as opposed to one or two of each specie,

I was surprised to see these Barilius here, I had not seen any of these since my trip to India,

 one of the smaller shrines in the market,

 if you like natural wood to decorate your aquarium,

 this is the place to come, 

we already had a few fish in the bag, 

 and here we were buying a few more,

 whilst the assistant was doing the catching I continued to have a look around, 

 I spotted a couple of nice rainbow fish in here,

  a few more to go,

 then fishing over, ice coffees all round,

 we went back to look at these two beauties,

 a couple of Bengals, 

 we made our way back to the car park, in the distance, 

 this futuristic looking building,

 home at last, 

 and time to acclimatise our new fish,

 mixing water from the aquarium, 

 slowly with the water they are used to,

 these are little cuties panda catfish, (Corydoras panda),

we also bought some neon rainbows, or Praecox rainbows as they are known, (Melanotaenia praecox),

 a few small angelfish, (Pterophyllum scalare),

 and I weakened, 

 and bought 5 discus, (Symphysodon),

all of which immediately hid in the plants, but the aquarium now looks a lot more lively, after a few hours to let them all settle down I will try a little feed to hopefully make all of our new guests feel at home,

after our evening meal a fantasy adventure Seventh Son, great special effects and a fantasy take on the Witch Finder General (The Conqueror Worm) with a battle between good and evil, no prizes for guessing who wins!

back top a favourite series four of Mr. Selfridge, as enjoyable as the first three series, we are looking forward to tomorrow nights episode,

speaking of series we watched anther couple of the excellent second series 3rd Rock from the Sun, as good as ever, tomorrow I am up early again for my bi-monthly hospital check up so with that in mind we were both of to bed.

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