Sunday, 24 July 2016

Personalised Number Plates,

I guess we have all seen a few over the years,

whilst some are amusing others can have unseen consequences for their owners, take the case of Robert Barbour, this cut and copied from snopes, 

'he sent an application to the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) requesting personalised license plates for his car, the DMV form asked applicants to list three choices in case one or two of their desired selections had already been assigned, Barbour, a sailing enthusiast, wrote down "SAILING" and "BOATING" as his first two choices; when he couldn't think of a third option, he wrote "NO PLATE," meaning that if neither of his two choices was available, he did not want personalised plates, plates reading "BOATING" and "SAILING" had indeed already been assigned, so the DMV, following Barbour's instructions literally, sent him license plates reading "NO PLATE." Barbour was not thrilled that the DMV had misunderstood his intent, but he opted to keep the plates because of their uniqueness', 

all is well so far, 

'but four weeks later he received his first notice for an overdue parking fine, from faraway San Francisco, and within days he began receiving dozens of overdue notices from all over the state on a daily basis, why? Because when law enforcement officers ticketed illegally parked cars that bore no license plates, they had been writing "NO PLATE" in the license plate field, now that Barbour had plates bearing that phrase, the DMV computers were matching every unpaid citation issued to a car with missing plates to him, Barbour received thousands of such notices over the next few months, and it was years before anyone did anything about it', 

for this and other personalised license plates that have got their owners into more trouble than they thought possible have a look here.

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