Monday, 25 July 2016

I Decided To Upgrade To Windows 10,

on my computer,

 and in moving programs to make space for it on drive C managed to bring it to a massive crash, so I am typing this post on Diana's computer and will then try to get my one up and running again, the problem I have is that it will not find a previous restore date, Oh dear! on to Sunday, glad rags on and off we went,

 passing a new shrine on the way,

 to Soi Diana,

 and our restaurant for Sunday lunch, The Robin's Nest,

we were joined today by Slim Jim and Riza,

 Diana decided on a Thai dish,

 but the three of us went with the 299 baht,


 that included soup of the day and a ice cream dessert,

one of the charming staff,

 Sunday roast for Riza,

 Slim Jim,

 and myself,

 followed by ice cream,

 for the three of us,

 a blueberry shake for Diana,

 which we followed with a coffee,


we said our goodbyes to Slim Jim,

and made our way across Soi Bukaow, 

we took a baht bus,

Diana said something about me looking like a monkey! Riza followed on her motorcycle,

 Sunday afternoon, always good for a disaster movie or two, first The Day the Earth Stood Still, and after it said farewell to Riza,

 followed by World War Z, a good zombies romp, 

we had bought this Sci-Fi box of classics, the main reason other than I like classic films are that most if not all are 'B' movies, the one I really wanted to see was recommend by my favourite film critic Clive James AO CBE, the problem was I could not remember if he said the film was the worst of the best or the best of the worst, the film being,

the Wild Women of Wongo, he made mention of it so many times and here it was in this box set, 

it was a classic, no mistake! I am not saying the film was bad, but it scored 2.1 on the IMDB list, out of the hundreds of thousands on the list, there were only 25 or so between it and the lowest score ever! looking at the list of actors and films in the collection there are more than a few actors that I recognise, Diana is not looking forward to seeing the other 49 in the box!

we finished the first series of 3rd Rock From The Sun, so many funny lines as earth sayings are taken literally by the family, now back to sorting my computer out, and with that we were off to bed.

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