Tuesday, 12 July 2016

The Bad News Is,

that the smell in the kitchen is not getting any better,

 but the good news is that some of the stinky cactus and others have done really well in our absence, like this one,

 it has never flowered before, the shame is the flower only lasted a day,

 whereas this one had flowered before,

  the flowers lasting a few days,

 overnight this one will flower, I will have to wait up late or wake up early to catch it open,

 back to TukCom for some more cases, we miscalculated yesterday the number we required,

 it was market day, so Pattaya Tai was busy,

 we made our way past Friendship,

 to the Kodak shop, our yearly visa will be up soon so we needed some passport sized pictures,

 that aquarium had been cleaned and restocked with many of the same fish from before we left, 

 back to the dentist opposite Friendship, Dr. Chanis, he was too busy yesterday so I had to come back today, 1 hour later and I was on my way,

 in the market I spotted Diana having lunch,

 we spent some time looking around,

 as we had not been there for a couple of months,

 but did not buy anything,

 we stopped off on the way back, whilst waiting for Diana a couple of mobile food sellers,

 walked past,

 no sooner had we returned home than the water treatment team arrived for the 6 monthly service on our RO and UV water treatment system,

 as soon as they left we were back out to the weekend night market on Thepprasit Road,

 a bit cloudy looking towards Jomtien,

 the same looking inland,

 the fresh fruit seller doing his rounds,

 a car dealership opposite the bar this evening,

 we were surprised to see that no further work,

 had taken place on the new structure,

 even the girders that had not been painted were still in their undercoat,

 it was early,

 so not many customers about,

 some of the stalls in the pet section not open yet,

 sunset over the market, well it normally does here, but so much cloud this evening,

 plenty of space for new business here, 

 I made my way to the bar, reaching it just before it poured down with rain, Brian was also lucky and beat the storm,

 unfortunately Diana did not, she was soaked,

 saying goodbye to Brian when the rain cleared we made a move for home, and a delicious beef stew,

we watched some cable television, then for us we were off to bed.

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