Thursday, 28 July 2016

8.00 AM,

and I arrived at the hospital,

 outside a water feature,

 and shrine, inside weight 79.9 kilos, blood pressure 135 over 70 a tad high and at 77 beats a minuet,

 next stop LK Metro,

 for breakfast, 

 as I had a 1 hour wait for the blood work results,

 as usual I went to the Kilkenny Bar and Guesthouse for breakfast,

 I have tried all of the restaurants along Soi Bukaow that are open that early for my early morning breakfast,

 Kilkenny for me offers the nicest and best priced of them all,

 also it is nice sitting at the front,

 watching the sellers go by,

 and here it is orange juice included all for 145 baht, then back to the hospital for the results, 

blood sugar a tad high at 135
Creatinine 0.84 mg/dl
eGFR (by CKD-EPI) 91 ml/min/1.73sq.
Hb AIC 5.8%
Cholesterol 167 mg/dl
Triglycerides 118 mg/dl
HDL Cholesterol 59 mg/dl
LDL Cholesterol 84 mg/dl

all in all it appears a good result, looking back over several years of results there appears to be no untoward trends developing, which is good news and makes sense in having bi-monthly and annual check ups to see any result is dramatically different from previous result, back in 3 months for my next usual check up,

 next stop the FedEx office, the sign now has signs on it, 

 I am still not sure what the bicycles are for though, I had received a telephone call to say one of the addresses was incorrect and would I call into the office at Naklua where I dropped the letters off at, a telephone call was made to the head office and I found out that this very morning the problem had been resolved and the letter delivered,

 and for anyone living in the area a new Boots the chemist has opened here,

 on the way back I called into a new motorcycle showroom on Third Road,

 this 'cafe racer' as we used to call them in the 60s/70s looked good, shame there was no seat for Diana on it!

 next stop again on Third Road the aquatic shop, I bought some frozen blood-worms for the Discus we now have,

all change, it was glad rags on, 

 as we were out,

 to the Royal Cliff Beach Hotel,

 as guests of Barry,

 we were going to have an Indian meal,

 at the Maharani Indian restaurant there,

 for starters poppadoms,

onion bhajees,

 and a glass of red wine,

 main courses of aloo gobi,

 chicken tikka Marsala,

 prawn curry and rice,

 'Cheers!', Diana taking the pictures,

 we made our way back to Barry's truck,

I used Diana's telephone to take this picture as she is using the camera to take a picture of us,

 into the foyer,

 and past the outside water feature,

 and roundabout and we were off home, Barry called in for a chat and a glass of wine, after thanking him and saying our farewells, 

it was feet up for a couple from 3rd Rock from the Sun, then for us we were off to bed.

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