Friday, 15 July 2016

Although This Piece Is A Few Days Old,

we just had to post it,

wine is made from grapes, the better the grape the better the wine, so it was a surprise to see just one bunch of grapes selling for over 1.1 million yen($10,430 or £7,830), even more so when we read there were to be given away! special fruits are a status symbol in Japan, sort of like rare wines, it’s also customary to give high-quality fruits for formal occasions like weddings, business meetings or hospital visits, so when a bunch of grapes of the Ruby Roman variety came up for sale, a grocery store owner in Japan, Takamaru Konishi started bidding for them and bidded the highest price for them,

so what makes them so special? a couple of things, this was the first of the seasons Ruby Roman grapes, also they are cultivated only in the Ishikawa Prefecture, off the coast of the Sea of Japan, each grape must weigh at least 20 grams and have a sugar content of at least 18%, the proud owner of this bunch of 30 grapes will display at his store for customers to drool over, and will then be given away as samples to a few lucky shoppers, to save you the maths I wonder if the lady above knows that the single grape she was eating cost $347 or £261 at today's exchange rates! the good news is that the store had I am guessing way more than what he paid for the grapes in the form of free publicity when newspapers and film crews arrived for the giveaway, now how many of these grapes would you need to make a bottle of wine?

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