Friday, 22 July 2016

Do You Remember The VCR Verses Betamax Recorder Wars?

all now a thing of the past,

as the last surviving VCR manufacturer pulls the plug on VCR production, Funai has a long history with the VHS format and VCRs, in 1980, it launched the CVC Player, the first ever compact cassette recorder, which attempted to compete with the more popular VHS and Betamax formats, Funai's website notes that the CVC "attracted a great deal of interest when Japanese television broadcasters used these for a program on climbing Mt. Everest," but they were no match for the more popular formats, in 1983 Funai started making VCRs of their own, applying technology used in the CVC, and haven't stopped until the end of this month, their website due to declining sales and difficulty of finding spare parts is the prime cause for production to cease, but at the end of the day who buys VCR machines anymore when so much is available on other formats and tapes in your possession can so easily be transferred to disc, next question, how many years will it be before the last BluRay disc/player manufacture stops making them?

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