Friday, 15 July 2016

In Many Countries,

people buy 'lucky' number plates for their cars,

and China is no exception, a Chinese man surnamed Liu bought a car for 30,000 Chinese yuan, (£3,367 or $4,488) next for him a lucky number plate, one that had five number 8 in it, it appears that the number “8” is considered the luckiest in China, because its pronunciation sounds a lot like the Mandarin word for “prosperity” or “wealth”, and in Cantonese it is pronounced like the word “fortune”, so it’s not uncommon for wealthy drivers to pay as much as for a cheap car on license plates containing a few 8’s as a lucky charm,

well it was not so lucky for Liu, police when seeing the 8s on his cheap car pulled him over thinking that they were fake, well the number plate did cost Liu one million Yen, (£112,256 or $149,608) so they were stunned to find that all his paperwork was in order, and while they didn’t cause him any trouble, getting stopped eight times on your first day of driving wasn’t the lucky experience he had hoped for, imagine what would have happened if he had a bad luck number plate!

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