Sunday, 24 July 2016

The Bugmen Called,

with a new annual contract,

 so 4,000 baht later they were finished and on their way,

 we then popped over to see a friend, who has just finished building two new homes and yes they are for sale and no I am not on commission!

 but if you are thinking of moving or retiring out here this might give you an idea of what is available,

under the balcony a car port,

 and a nice sized, 

front garden,

 and a small side one,

 two of the three upper bedrooms has a balcony,

 the downstairs living room is huge,

the dinning area,

 and kitchen,

 all brand new,

 the fourth downstairs bedroom,

 has a bathroom ensuite,

 going upstairs,

 past the electric box,

 there is a second dinning area on the landing,

 the smaller of the two bedrooms with a balcony,

 with bathroom,


 and small balcony,

 the second bedroom has a huge balcony over the carport,  

 the third bedroom with no balcony,

 the second home next door is a mirror of the first one,

 with just a couple of differences,

 gold instead of silver curtains,

 but still the same huge living room,

 upstairs a bedroom has been divided into two,

 the master bedroom,

 has a Jacuzzi,

 and a slightly different,

 kitchen arrangement,

 stainless steel gates completes the home, the properties are over the railway tracks in Naklua,

 in the road next to the Pattaya Water Works, the road itself is unmade up at the moment, city hall has installed drains in it so at some time the road will be concreted, each home is up for sale at 8 million baht, at today's rate £174,600 or US$229,000 if anyone is interested call the owner on 0817619665, again I am not on commission I am just putting this on the blog for a friend,

 arriving home it was water change time for the aquarium, 

 the Congo tetras, (Phenacogrammus interruptus) have settled in well,

 as have the Cardinal tetras, (Paracheirodon axelrodi),

 and neon tetras, (Paracheirodon innesi), should you ever in an extremely unlikely set of circumstances need to tell them apart, the red in the body of the neon tetra only goes half way along its body, the red in the Cardinal tetra goes the complete length of the body,

 water out,

 and water in,

 next stop the dentist, the temporary filling in the root canal replaced with a permanent one,

 on to our bar-b-q,

 garlic bread to start, 

 followed by chicken satay with peanut butter sauce and a onion, cucumber and green pepper dip,

 next lite the barby which took remarkably well this evening,  

 for tonight baked salmon and potato, plus some thinly sliced pork,

 on with the first two, 

later the pork, we spent the evening listening to music and as the midnight hour approached we called it a night and were off to bed.

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