Friday, 15 July 2016

Apples Grow On Trees,

pears grow on tress,

but we have never heard of a tomato tree, until now, Yong Huang from Shenyang, China, manager of agricultural science at The Land pavilion at Epcot discovered the plants in Beijing, China, and after meeting with scientists responsible for those plants he brought the seeds to Epcot.

 the plant’s single vine grows tens of thousands of golf ball-sized tomatoes which are harvested and served at restaurants across Walt Disney World Resort,

Huang’s first tomato tree at Epcot set a Guinness World Record when it yielded a harvest of more than 32,000 tomatoes from one vine, the tomato trees can be seen by guests on the pavilion’s 'Living with the Land' boat ride, the trees apparently take 1.2 – 1.5 years to reach their impressive size, they yield no fruit during the first 7 – 8 months, but once they reach maturity, you can expect a harvest of over 14,000 tomatoes on average, the current Guinness World Record for the largest harvest from a single plant was set by one of the two octopus trees currently on exhibit at Epcot – a whopping 32,000 tomatoes with a total weight of 522 kg, the square crown of the trees is spread on a large trellis and reaches 40-50 square meters in size, tomato trees, who would have ever thought it?

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