Tuesday, 26 July 2016

We Are Off To Bangkok,

first thing this morning,

 so straight on with the post, I gave up with my computer and asked Wattana Computers to send over a technician, who arrived early in the afternoon, it was all second nature to him, in no time at all everything that I had done to mess things up was removed and all was back to normal, as he was here I asked him to load Windows 10 on my computer and Diana's laptop, soon he was on his way as both computers loaded Windows 10 and so far all seems well, Wattana Computers by the way is the shop opposite Foodland on Pattaya Tai, and good they are too,

 we called into the chemist to buy Diana some motion sickness pills, then to the market,

 whilst Diana was shopping, 

 I had a look around,

 at some of the produce for sale,

 peppers and nice they looked too, I had always thought there were 3 different ones, but it turns out there are all the same, they just change colour and taste as they ripen,

 frying tonight, no not really,

 some grapes to nibble on later in the evening, 

and bar-b-qued fish if you want one, then back home to click the 'next' button as Windows 10 continued it's download, then our evening meal, feet up for a couple of films, starting with,

 The Blackheath Poisonings, which was set, you guessed it in Blackheath, across which Diana and myself have walked a few times, not that you saw much of the area except the upper part of Blackheath church, it was a mini television series which was sort good, but could have been so much better, the interview between a senior police office and the main witness was laughable with the police inspector continuously sprawling across his desk, but there it is, the series past the evening away,

and speaking of a series we started series two of 3rd Rock fro the Sun, which was as good as the first, great fun if you are into likeable aliens, with that we were off to

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