Friday, 22 July 2016

Another Thunderstorm,

this time starting at 04.00 AM,

 that seemed to circle Pattaya for an hour or so, then up early to the bank, next to a 7-11 for a couple of rain macs and arrive at the dentist, I was a tad early,

 looking across the road to Friendship will give you an idea of where Dr. Chanis is if ever you need a dentist in Pattaya, the second crown that had fallen out was replaced and the temporary filling from the root canal was inspected and replaced, then off to drop off a few things, next stop the FedEx office,

 it is on the hill from the Dolphin roundabout going towards Naklua on the right hand side, the office is normally advertised on this sign, I was worried it had moved,

but there it was in the distance on the far side of the courtyard,

 I made my way past the hanging bicycles and sent a few important letters abroad, 

 on the way back I called into Big C Extra, not to go inside,

 but have a look at the aquatic shop outside, now the aquarium is up and running we are looking for a few new fish for it,

 then round the corner to KPK Foods, for some of their delicious Cumberland sausages,

 I also called into the Pattaya Pet Shop to see if they had any new stock for our aquarium, then home for tea and medals!

 at 5.00 in the afternoon I had an appointment for my yearly eye check up, all was good news, it appears that my eyes were fine and I quote, 'very good for your age', which was nice so I must be doing something right, just a pity about my teeth!

 on the way back a call into Friendship,

we needed some onions and carrots for tomorrows beef stew for when we return from the market, plus I picked up a tub of ice cream, 

 then home and feet up for an all action adventure Starship Troopers, we had watched it before but on a DVD so for a treat I bought it on Blu Ray, we then watched a few from Judge Judy,

to round off the evening another film we had bought but was not expecting much from, The Brides in the Bath, but it was so much better than we expected, the clothes and settings a real treat to watch, all based on the true story of George Joseph Smith, (alias Oliver George Love, Charles Oliver James, Henry Williams and John Lloyd), who was an English serial killer and bigamist, in 1915 he was convicted and subsequently hanged for the slayings of three women, the case becoming known as the 'Brides in the Bath Murders',although only charged with three killings one report stated that he mention 9, but that was thought to be a part of his plan to take a defence of madness, which failed, with that we were then off to bed.

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