Friday, 15 July 2016

We Called Over To Immigration,

in Jomtien Soi 5,

 as we were picking up our passports we did not need a number, the receipt we had been given for them yesterday was handed over, our pictures taken as we were handed our passports,

 and we were walking back past the new hotel next door in no time,

 we had decided to fill our one remaining aquarium, the hoses had become brittle so I spent some time replacing them, the only problem being whether the filter would work, well it did when I pluged it in, the motor making the noise it should do when run dry for a couple of seconds, naturally I tried it before replacing the hoses, what did not work even though I used silicone grease, the same we use on our underwater camera was the gasket, so water trickled out of the filter, so off to buy a new 'O' ring gasket for it, knowing that there were two large aquatic stores on Thepprasit Road off I went, it was a bit of a forlorn hope as the filter was at least 14 or 15 years old, sure enough the first store owner shook his head 'finish, kapt" I took that to mean this brand was no longer made, also looking around I could not see any large filters on display,

to cut a long story short the same in the second store, so tomorrow there are a couple of other aquatic stores in town so I will try them, but it is starting to look that a new filter will have to be bought before we can stock the aquarium with a few fish, after our evening meal we watched a couple of television shows, then the last two episodes of Endeavour, after those we were off to bed.

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