Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Off To The Bank,

we have a few expenses over the next few days,

 I went early, the Pattaya Beer Garden not yet open,

 as there was some shopping to do,

 we are still finding things we have forgotten on our first visit,

 so back I went,

 the building next door has been completely demolished, any day now the new one will start to rise like a Phoenix from the ashes,

another treatment from our dentist Dr. Chanis, his first appointment of the day, but at least I do not have to go back till Saturday, also I have been popping over the the license center almost daily, if I have say a motorcycle tested today I can pick up the tax disc after 4.30 in the afternoon the next day, but that is the start of the rush hour and the test center is on the far side of town, so I leave picking it up till the day after, so far one motorcycle finished, I pick the tax disc for the truck up tomorrow and get the other motorcycle tested at the same time, back to today,

after our evening meal a few shows on cable and a film about gangsters that was son the name of which we never found out, another from Endeavour, and we were off to bed.

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