Sunday, 17 July 2016

I Went Out Early,

to the vehicle testing station,

 and picked up the Honda's tax disc and insurance, 

 returning to Friendship I parked up,

 and crossed a very quiet Pattaya Tai,

 in both directions,

 I called into the Kodak shop,

 had a look at the fish,

 and left the tax disc and a copies of both our passports and visa pages in them to be encapsulated in plastic, we carry these business card size copies around with us leaving the originals in the safe at home,

 next stop my root canal work and a start on the crown that dropped off and we unfortunately lost, 

 arriving home the air conditioning team arrived, 5 units serviced 1,600 baht, 

 next into the truck and back to Makro, we were there before but I had forgotten it was illegal to sell alcohol between 2 in the afternoon until 5 in the afternoon, so back we came, 4 boxes of 10 litres each, so we shall be good till at least the end of the month,

 we unloaded and parked the truck then on to the bike for  tomorrows joint, our Sunday roast is going to be beef,

 on the way back we stopped for a couple of iced drinks,

 a sit down at last for our evening bar-b-q, 

 brown toasted break with liver pate for starters,

 then lite the barby and watch the smoke,

 which happily,

 soon with the help of the fan gave way to flames, 

 we enjoyed the German sausages in the Beer Hoff so we bought a couple for our main course this evening,

 so on they went with a baked potato, 


 it does not look much but they were very filling, also I an trying to lose some of the weight I put on whilst on holiday, I went from 77-78 kilos to a trouser busting 83.2! the good news is that I am now down to 79.9, for consistency I always weigh myself first thing in the morning before breakfast wearing the same clothes on the same scales, so I am getting back to normal, 

but I could not resit this, a pineapple cake that Riza made and brought round, well just this once! in the evening we listened to some of the music that we saw in one the shows on the cruise, 

the show was the singing group the 4Tunes, we saw the show and bought the CD, it was so nice to listen to them again, in case you have not heard of them the 4Tunes are a brand new group of award-winning singers, after playing almost every lead role in London's West End they are now on tour,

they were also performing on the Aurora cruise so the above video is pretty much what we saw, we also listen to the 'wake up' song that was played on the coach when we were about to stop for a break or arrived at our destination,

it was I live by OneRepublic, it brings back so many happy memories of the tour, a little more about the song, OneRepublic teamed up with their number one fan, Bryan Warnecke, a cyclist living with cystic fibrosis, to share an inspiring, real-life story in the music video, Bryan who was 15 years old when the song was released 2 years ago has a life expectancy of 36, he decided to live his life to the full and to raise money for the research and treatment of this crippling and life threatening disease, Bryan's story can be summed up with his statement: "I want to make the most out of my life and have as most fun as I possibly can. My biggest fear is not being able to do that." 

above is the full version with Bryan telling his own story, a remarkable and courageous young man, and a lesson to us all to live your life to the full, with that as it was now late we were off to bed.

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