Sunday, 17 July 2016

If You Travel In London,

by public transport,

you can not use cash, you have to buy an Oyster card that you top up with cash or from your credit card and swipe it every time you go on a a bus, train or underground, it is sometimes a bit of a nuisance trying to find your card amongst all of the others, but fashion student Lucie Davis from UAL’s Central Saint Martins has created unique acrylic nails that doubles as an Oyster card for London’s transportation system, the nails house an inbuilt microchip and were made as part of her Bachelor of Arts in jewellery design, students were encouraged to create works inspired by their most routine activities, for Davis, the thought of her daily commutes came to mind, what a neat idea, just do not break a nail!


Journeymart said...

London is definitely where history happened - but that doesn’t mean this world capital is not out to conquer the future.

PattayaStan said...

Dear Journeymart, I am not sure what you mean, but here is your comment anyway, best regards, Stan and Diana.