Friday, 29 July 2016

We Always Enjoyed,

an afternoon cream tea,

when we were on holiday in the UK, so when we heard of a cream tea available in Jomtien,

we just had to give it a try,

the Chuan Chim Restaurant, is located in Soi 5 Jomtien,

the afternoon tea features real Cornish clotted cream from Rodda's, and you can not get better than that!

the afternoon tea menu, but there is also a full Thai and British menu available with daily specials,

I decided to pour and be Mum,

there was a choice of 9 different sandwiches and you had the choice of 4,

plus cakes and scones,

we chose salmon and cucumber, ham with English mustard, egg mayonnaise and Cheddar cheese and ham,

on the second tray a selection of sweet cakes and cream,

and on the top scones, we chose the sultana ones,

which it has to be said were nice and lighter than many we had on holiday in the UK, which was a surprise to both of us,

Diana being Mum this time,

English tea and fine porcelain, what could be netter?

the whole thing was absolutely delicious, if you fancy a change form the usual pop in and give the afternoon tea a try, we went for the whole thing but you can order just the tea and scones with cream and jam,

the restaurant is located at the seaside end of Soi 5 Jomtien, just 50 yards or so from Jomtien Beach Road, the same Soi the immigration office is in, as a landmark it is almost opposite the money exchange,

a photo shoot on the way home,

the beach here has had a major transformation,

with signs, seating and lots of palm trees added to the beach front,

the hotels opposite the new sign,

arriving home we noticed that two of Diana's stinky cactus had flowered,

this one about 3" across,

and in the tray next to it,

this one looking like velvet,

Riza called round for a chat, whilst she was there I took a picture of the aquarium now that the new fish had settled in,

I also took a completely unprofessional video of it, I had not cleaned the glass, you can see the room reflected in the picture, you can even see a reflection of the camera! but it will at least give a rough idea of what our new guests look like, I will try harder next time!
after Riza left Diana tided up the garden, trimming both the Jasmine and the sour mini orange tree/bush,

we had so many sour oranges, the good news is that if you had a glass of orange juice made of a concentrate mixed with water, add the juice from one or two of these and it tastes like the finest freshly squeezed orange juice you can imagine,

 we did not have an evening meal, we were still so full from the afternoon tea, so we settled down to our evenings entertainment, firstly Pierrepoint, based on the true events of one of the best hangman that the UK has ever produced, leaving aside the numbers that he dispatched he held the record for the quickest hanging, he believed what ever the crime the condemned had committed he or she should have as little mental suffering as possible, once he entered the condemned cell, from the opening of the cell door to the short drop with a sudden stop he was timed at his quickest at 7.5 seconds, on average both he and his father were timed at 13.5 seconds, the commended hardly had time from the cell door opening to their final exit to register what was happening next, a harrowing and entirely watchable film, Timothy Spall, perfect for the role and making it an acting tour de force,

keeping to the actor Timothy Spall, we then watched another film he appeared in, Upside Down, two worlds that almost touch revolve around their planetary system, the bottom world is poor, the upper world rich and affluent, a meeting between Adam and Eve, both from different worlds shapes their lives forever, the special effects are truly stunning, the interface of where the two worlds meet utterly strange and to complete the picture, Timothy Spall, as all round likeable guy Bob, I wonder why they did not call it Downside Up?

keeping to planetary systems, we watched one more episode from 3rd Rock for the Sun, then for us we were off to bed.

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