Tuesday, 5 July 2016

To Day We Leave Italy,

and arrived in Germany,

we booked out of our hotel in the morning,

 and were soon on our way,

 passing mountains, 

 villages and vineyards, 

 and a few mountain top retreats,

 and some churches, 

 the views looking back,

 were spectacular,

I caught a few ZZZZZZZZs,

 we then stopped for a snack in Austria,

 looking back towards Italy,

 a light bite to eat,

 and we were on our way,

 past churches, 

 and the mountains, 

we also passed the Bergisel Ski Jump which has a breathtaking view of Innsbruck, as well as an Olympic past,

 more houses appeared as we neared Munich,

 and the land leveled out,

 we were soon in the town,

 making our way on foot,

 to the center,

 passing this shop,

 with mannequin onlookers,

 there were a number of clock towers in the town,

 but the one we wanted to look at would not strike till 5.00 in the afternoon,

 so we had a bit of a wait,

 so we looked at a few more clocks,

 as we made our way to the town square,

 this was the clock tower we had come to look at,

 the Rathaus-Glockenspiel in Marienplatz, the heart of Munich,

it is famous for its moving figures, and here some of them are,

 as we were waiting we had a look at some of the peddle tricycles,

 and some of the flowers,

 for sale,

 we still had some time to wait,

 so we continued walking through the town,

 then settled in an outdoor bar,

 walking back,

 we noticed this sinister figure overlooking the street,

 and at 5.00,

 the show started,

 with bells and musical figures moved around under the clock tower,

 in 10 minutes or so the show was over,

 so I took a few pictures of some of the gargoyles on the tower,

 I have mentioned before,

 what nightmares the stone mansions must have had to think of and shape these creatures,

 near the square a column,

with Madonna and Child at the top of it,

 whilst looking up I saw this figure also,

 we walked around the square,

 passing the clock tower, 

 for one last look,

 then a look at some of the local shops,

 that had an attractive overhead display,

 themed on butterflies,

 our group started,

 the walk to the Bierhoff,

 for our evening meal,

 we were told that a certain gentleman used this exact hall,

 to further his political career in the 1930s or so,

 we went through the main area,

 passing an oompah band,

 into the dining hall next door,

 the stage was set, 

 for a beer, 

 and they were big ones!

 soup for starters,

 the bands legend,

 and here they were, 

 the main course this evening, sausages of course!

 the band played on and good they were too, 

 strawberry mousse for dessert, 

 I had to finish Diana's, well she does not drink alcohol,

 pretzels all round on another table,

 time to go,

 so off we went,

 a quick look at the ceiling, 

 we all meet outside,

 had a look around, 

 and at some of the buildings,

 as some faces looked down on us,

 as you might expect, lots of beer steins for sale,

 this is one I have never heard of,

 it was in a static display,

 well it caught my attention, in other windows clothes,

 and traditional lederhosen, we stayed out till late, then back to the hotel,

 our beds for the night,

 and the rest of the room, with that we were off to bed.

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