Friday, 22 July 2016

I Had Always Thought That Toast,

was well, toast,

the longer you left it in the toaster the more burnt it became, but all of this time we have been doing it wrong, you have to add water! Gen Terao whilst on a company picnic observed that after the bread had been made damp in a light shower toasting it produced the perfect toast,

after the showers stopped, they tried to reproduce it in a parking lot and realised that water was the key, thousands of slices later, they figured out that steam traps moisture inside the bread while it's being warmed at a low temperature, the heat is cranked up just at the end, giving it a respectable crust, the company started to look at making the perfect toaster and here it is, the Balmuda toaster, yours for just $320 or £241 at today's exchange rates, but do not rush out to try to buy one, the company can not keep up with demand in Japan and the Far East, and has no plans to sell the product in America or Europe, I guess we will keep to the one we have and just spray ours with water every now and then and no I am not on commission!

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