Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Monday, Our Last Day,

in the UK,

 the two months or so have just flown past, 

 we spent the last day packing, well Diana did, I just seemed to get in the way,

 Steve and Kai very kindly dropped us off at the airport,

 so a farewell drink before we check in,

 we said our goodbyes and thanked them both for looking after us for so long, then through check in and immigration,

 and we were in the terminal waiting for our flight,

 this looked kind of neat, a London taxi that you could see through,

 no prizes for guessing where we are going next! 

 the seafood stall,

 we enjoyed it so much the last time we were here,

 we ordered our meals, 

 looking at the sculpture above us,

 then disaster struck, no Alaskan King crab for Diana, what a shame as it is so nice, so Diana ordered the dressed crab,

 for myself salmon and shrimps, we then went to log on to the Internet, but were told the screen did not work, 

 we said we would move to one of the other screens, guess what?not one of them worked! no Alaskan King crab, no Internet, it was like being in a third world country! 

 at least they did have some wine, 

 it was a shame about Diana's meal, it is one of the only times that we can try genuine Alaskan King crab, but there it is, as for no Internet in one of the biggest airports in the UK, shame on you,

 if you think this corridor is long,

 you would be correct,

 it was and I have not taken the same picture twice,

 we were told to allow 20 minutes to walk from the terminal,

 to the boarding gate,

 next down then up a huge escalator,

 just when you thought you had arrived,

 more long corridors,

 it must be me but I had always thought that the terminals and boarding gates were near to each other, here apparently not,

 still at least the Internet worked here, 

 on to the plane where the flight was delayed for 55 minutes,

 the good news was that the pilot made up the time in flight and we arrived exactly when we should have, 

 the food was excellent, 

 and plenty of it,

 including a Haagen-Dazs ice cream,

 in fact both meals were good,

 we arrived on time, then it started to rain,

 it appears we brought the rain with us, as we were leaving an announcement came over the audio system that some planes would be delayed because of the rain,

 and it did rain,

even more so on the way home, but we arrived safe and sound, but all was not well at home, as we opened the front door we knew something was wrong, the smell, you have guessed it, whilst away our fridge/freezer stopped working, in the kitchen it was strong enough to make you gag, so we spent the evening clearing out the rotting food, we will do the unpacking tomorrow! with that we were off to bed.

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