Wednesday, 20 July 2016

We Had Another Quiet Day,

having said that it was a very noisy night,

 the thunderstorm woke me at 03.00 AM, it sounded worse than it was, crashing away for a couple of hours, the good news was that where we were little rain fell, well not enough to flood the estate, then time to change the failed light bulbs that come on at night, next catch up on emails, the day seemed to sail past as we watched a few Judge Judy's to pass the time, after our evening meal a film, Mortdecai, great fun as an upper class art dealer deals himself into a high stakes art fraud, the main character Lord Charlie Mortdecai is an absolute double of that well like British actor Terry Thomas, both playing identical roles, both supporting a moustache, (neither would be seen dead without it), both having a gap between their front teeth, both cads of the first degree and both like the film thoroughly likeable

we had watched the occasional 3rd. Rock From The Sun on one of the cable channels, so I decided to buy the first few series, the good news is that Diana really likes all of them so far, the show I guess is an acquired taste, I have to say that I watched more than a few episodes a long time ago and enjoyed them immensely, the show will not please everyone, trying to get your head around the fact that this is an alien family in the disguise of humans trying to fit into a society which literally is completely alien to them gives rise to all sorts of social misunderstandings and gaffs, anyway we watched 5 or 6 before finally we were off to bed.

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