Thursday, 14 July 2016

First Stop,

to the bank,

 today is the day, when we have to have a letter from the bank confirming that we have enough money for the next year to stay in Thailand and not be a burden on the state,

 letter and lots of other documents confirming who you are and where you stay also have to be produced every year for our 1 year visa, if not you are out, no questions, no excuses, family here or not you are out, also of course we have to report to immigration every 90 days, the same applies, get caught without a valid stamp you are arrested, jailed and deported and over a set limit are not allowed to return for a time, pity the same does not happen in the UK!

 so papers in and we are off for breakfast, we will pick up our passports tomorrow,

so to the surf kitchen for a ice latte,

 and our breakfast,

a chicken fried rice with egg for Diana,

 prawn salad for myself, 

 then home and change, Phil will be coming over at some time so I had the Honda serviced for him, he has 3 Harley Davidson out here, a new German V-Rod, plus a springer and a softail I think it is called, all totally unreliable so to be sure of transport he borrows my Honda, so I had it serviced, new oil, plug etc to make sure all was well, heaven forbid the Honda should be unreliable!

next off to the vehicle testing station, I have already picked up the tax disc and government insurance for the Kawasaki motorcycle, today I am picking up the same for the truck which was tested a couple of days ago, today the Honda is being tested so I will pick up the tax and insurance in a couple of days time,

 one of the staff of happy people that work there, 

 then off to Macro, we were short of soda water, we normally buy 5 or 6 cases at a time, plus some mussels and a few other bits and pieces,

 in the evening we were out to Cherry's, naturally it rain as we were about to leave!

we were here for the 450 baht International buffet,

 we normally eat early, at 6.30 there was hardly anyone here,

 Diana as lovely as ever, 

 to the salad bar, 

lots of choice,

 then starters, 

 we both decided,

 on a couple of plates of starters then the choice of 18 or so main courses along with a carvery and pizza station,

 for dessert Diana chose apple pie and ice cream,

 cream caramel for myself,

followed by a coffee, if you want to try Cherry's it is on the Third Road opposite what was once the X-Cite disco, Wednesday and Saturday are International buffet evenings, but they have other special evenings, plus of course a full a la carte menu, next for us home a couple from Judge Judy, The Chase and we were off to bed.

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