Thursday, 21 July 2016

Another Quiet Day,

and stormy night,

 this time at 02.00 AM the thunder started and continued for some time, for this evening we decided on an Indian meal, so off to Country Favourites

in is in Soi Bon Kai which is almost next to Tigglebitties when you get to the top of the Soi turn left, you almost have to go back on yourself, follow the Soi until you can just see in the distance,

 the Cozy Resort sign,

 and you will find the restaurant opposite these gates,

 that leads to the Holiday Garden Resort, and here is the map,

 I had taken Diana to the market first,

 and after ordering the food,

 meet her there, anyone for a fish on a stick?

and as I am out early tomorrow some chicken for my breakfast, 'that one please',

 after our meal was delivered we sat outside for the evening, all of the time looking at the sky, it was so overcast it looked like it could rain anytime,

 for our first starter poppadom masala, 

 and for our second starter chicken samosa and onion bhaji,

 so eyes down and tuck in,

 for our main course, chicken tikka masala, chicken Madras and chicken vindaloo, aloo gobi, peas pilau rice and butter nan,



for dessert a creme caramel that Riza had made, we listen to music for much of the evening,

moving inside we watched Testament of Youth, a story set before during and after the First World War, seen through the eyes of Vera Mary Brittain who was an English nurse, writer, feminist, and pacifist, her best-selling 1933 memoir Testament of Youth recounted her experiences during the First World War and was made into this film, next another real gem, I had little expectations for A is for Acid, the film is based on the real life murderer John George Haigh, the notorious 'acid bath murderer' who in the 1940s made his way through some 9 or so murders in England, I thought it was going to be rather light on detail, but it was in fact very good, with Martin Clunes looking at times unnervingly like the real life Haigh who's part he was playing, if you have time have a look, it is nicely done with a good eye to period clothes and settings, and with that chiller we were off to bed.

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