Tuesday, 12 July 2016


we caught the early train from Beckenham,

to Bromley South, changed trains,

then the next stop for us Rochester,

we are meeting up with Duncan, Melina and Jade for lunch,

we arrived a tad early so we had a look along the High Street,

Pips of Rochester, a great name for a shop selling fresh fruit,

there are so many shops,

 public houses and hotels in the High Street,

this one decked out in flags looked very colorful,

in fact looking towards the river Medway the street was covered in them,

walk over,

it was time to find the Gordon House Hotel, the history of Rochester goes back a long way, about 2,000 years! this hotel dates from the 17th century,

inside the bar area,

and the restaurant,

where we all meet up, Duncan, Melina and Jade,


it was soon,

eyes down and tuck in,

we had a lovely meal,

followed by a selection of desserts,

all of which were so filling,

and of course ice cream for Jade,

we chatted the afternoon away,

I also took a few pictures in the restaurant,

the walls were paneled,

each panel,

depicting a hunting scene,

time for cheese and biscuits,

another 'Cheers!', and we were saying our farewells, it was great to meet up again, we both meet when we were in our twenties and have stayed friends ever since,

on our way back to the station another dream machine, a Triumph,

back on the train to Bromley, we passed the Russian submarine in the basin,

we rushed past Rochester Castle, changed trains at Bromley South then walked to Steve and Kai's home from Beckenham Junction,

when we arrived, Steve and Kai,

had prepared a feast,

so many different cold meats which we all love,

and smoked salmon,

with cheeses,

and biscuits to finish off.

so we just had to open the ice wine,

what a meal! when we had finished we spent the evening watching a couple of films, then we were all of to bed.

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