Monday, 18 July 2016

Back To Normal,

and that includes my teeth, 

 that have had a few problems since returning, I seem to be over the worse, but have one more appointment next Thursday, enough of that onto Sunday lunch, roast beef with Yorkshire puddings, 

and a bratwurst sausage wrapped in bacon, with a full supporting cast of vegetables,


 we had a great time reminiscing about our trip, 

 for some reason known only to herself Diana wanted me to make big eyes, why? I have absolutely no idea, 

for dessert some more of Riza's delicious pineapples pie,

 we chatted the late afternoon /early evening away, then in the true tradition of the 1950s two black and white films, the first Canal, (Kanal), set in the Polish uprising of 1944 the film directed by Andrzej Wajda follows a desperate group through then sewers under Warsaw trying to regroup with those still fighting in the centre of the city, gripping, scary and in many places truthful, a lot of the film's crew members took part in the 1944 Warsaw uprising (e.g. cinematographer Jerzy Lipman or actor Tadeusz Janczar), screenwriter Jerzy Stefan Stawinski used the sewers during the uprising in order to get from the southern district of Mokotów to the city centre, as he said in an interview, each character in the film has at least one equivalent of a real-life insurgent he was acquainted with,

then an old favourite, The Dam Busters, great British patriotic movie, full of gung ho! and all of that, if you have seen the movie and have a British sense of humour this clip might appeal to you,

well I found it funny, with that we were off to bed.

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