Saturday, 23 July 2016

We Spent The Day At Home,

but as it was Friday,

 we were off to the weekend night market in Thepprasit Road as usual,

 looking towards Jomtien,

 slight clouds, the good news last night was that we were not woken by a storm,

 but looking inland the sky did have a slight grey look to it, maybe rain later,

 tonight opposite the bar a truck had parked up and the contents were being unloaded, 

 next door a 49 baht stall selling children's clothes,

the new construction still waiting for stage 2,

 we were a tad early so many of the stalls in the pet section not yet open, 

 sunset over the market,

 there is still lots of space here for new stalls and entrepreneurs,

 ice cream anyone?

 the truck had now been unloaded,

 and the staff assembled,

 looking at the price list it appears to be a advertising a beauty salon, with laser and other treatments, 

 soon with the aid of a loudspeaker and disco music the salons procedures were explained,

 Rizza had called round earlier, so the girls were off shopping in Tesco Lotus and then meet me in the market,

 home for a beef stew, 

 with dumplings,

 meanwhile the girls had bought,

 some fish,

and vegetables from the market for their evening meal,

afterwards the girls sat outside chatting away, I watched Master and Commander, again, I have seen it so many times but still enjoyed watching it once more, we said our farewells to Riza, then for us we were off to bed.

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