Thursday, 21 July 2016

Many Bands,

have a horn or tuba section,

 some are big, 

 and some are very, very big, but of course these are not for playing, they are for listening, made before the introduction of radar operators would scan the skies for the sounds of aeroplane engines,

and roughly translated, from this illustrated anti-air-raid postcard show soldiers operating the War Tubas as they became known “Those are some big ears,” says one soldier. “I don’t hear enemy aircrafts yet,” says another, the ones above are from Japan,

 but pretty much every nation had 'big ears',

some bigger than others, for a look at more of these fascinating listening devices have a look here, have a coffee handy there are lots to look at,

they are mostly mobile, but there are examples of two stationary ones, a static dish,

and a 200 foot static wall which could detect aircraft at 20 to 30 miles distance, with its later microphone installation the wall had a bearing accuracy of 1.5 degrees, range and accuracy at the time being pretty impressive.

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