Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Do Not Mess With Fish 220,

and you thought fish were fun!

 I have to say this looks like fun if you are more interested in numbers rather than size, there were once over 300 boats practising fire fishing in Taiwan, but according to the local fishermen’s association in Jinshan District, north of Taipei, that number has dwindled to just four,

 the reason being that youngsters are just not interested in following a tradition where the season lasts just three months from May to June, 

a six-hour fishing session under the night sky can yield between three and four tons of sardines per boat, and the Taiwanese government even subsidises the practice, on a really good night, a team of fishermen can earn up to $4,500, the system works like this, fishing boats head out to sea during the night, and light up a bamboo stick covered with sulphuric soil at one end to create a bright flame, the sulphur dissolves in the water and the gas produced then flashes with fire, the fish jump and land straight into the net,

Zheng Zhi-ming, a professor of religious studies at Fu Jen Catholic University, says that using sulphuric fire to catch fish in the northeast region of Taiwan was common two or three decades ago, and was once considered one of the eight must-see attractions in Jinshan, but with the average age of the remaining fishermen at 60+ years old, it is feared the that tradition will die out, the pictures are good, but thanks to luckily YouTube user Kenny Chen we have this amazing video of fire fishermen practising what might soon be a tradition of the past.

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