Tuesday, 12 July 2016

I Was Up Early,

to take a picture of the flowering cactus,

leaving waking up,

till after say 08.00 in the morning and you will have missed it,

I called in again to Dr. Chanis the dentist opposite Friendship,

I then picked up Diana and we were off,

to the weekend flower and plant market, 

nearly opposite the Bangkok Pattaya hospital,

one of the many open water lilies,

these looked fun,

ornamental pineapples,

a nice selection of insectivorous plants,

and of course orchids,

like theses in flower,

with different varieties on another nearby stall,

if you have not been here before there are about 50 or more stalls specialising in one type or group of plants,

plus a couple of aquatic outlets like this one with fish, plants, food and equipment,


air plants,

and more orchids,

there is also a stall selling cut orchids,

if we are eating at home on a Sunday we often call in here to buy some to put on the table,

a nice little Bonsai garden,

I mentioned ornamental pineapples before, which are nicely coloured and smaller than normal ones,

but if you want the variety to eat there are some plants here for you to grow at home,

a collection of very happy garden ornaments,

and some huge refrigerator magnets,

a few more ornaments for the garden,

and some for the miniature garden,

we passed another stall selling orchids,

lots of them,

there was also a small livestock stall, selling rabbits, lovebirds, chickens and budgerigars,

in the last aisle we walked along pots and fertilizers, plus all of the hardware you would associate with gardens and gardening,

it was so hot, as usual we bought a couple of ice coffees to drink in the truck before going home,

arriving home I made up the bar-b-q for our Saturday evening candlelit supper, but the weather was having none of it, the skies opened up and it poured with rain,

so we ate indoors, garlic bread with chicken and sweetcorn soup, after the dental work this morning I decided against the pork chops we were going to have and settled for another bowl of soup,


after listening to music as we always do on a Saturday evening we rounded off the evening with a film, Victor Frankenstein, an intriguing film as Frankenstein's assistant tells the story, great special effects and acting as Daniel Radcliffe in this film throws off his mantle as Harry Potter, after this gripping film we were off to bed.

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