Tuesday, 12 July 2016

A Busy Day,

when our old freezer was delivered,

 the doors had to be taken of of it to get it into the kitchen so I did the same to get it out, then to NumChai to buy a new freezer, at the same time we dropped the camera off to be repaired, the zoom on it had finally failed,

 the good news was that the new freezer was smaller than the old one,

 so it was easy to get into the kitchen,


 then it was fridge magnet time,

 we put all of the magnets on the door,

 each week one will have pride of place on the top door for a week to remind us of where we have been,

 we had a few other things to do in the day, the truck and both motorcycles needed to be inspected and tax discs for each to be issued so I will take them for inspection over the next week or so, and of course an empty fridge/freezer,

 meant no food, so along to the Punch and Judy for our evening meal,

 we did not mind so much about the food, what was a shame about the whole thing was that Diana lost all of her chocolate, we tried some but the fridge had been off for so long all of the chocolates even in sealed containers was tainted, such a shame,

so ribs for Diana,

bangers and mash for myself, back home we watched some cable television then for us we were off to bed.

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