Saturday, 16 July 2016

Off To Buy A New Pump/Filter,

for the aquarium,

 although I had not seen one there I went back to the Pattaya Pet Shop on Thepprasit Road,

 the good news was that they had one in stock, so fill the aquarium with water,

 and here it is, all up and running, 

 Diana had been out with Riza, so she was surprised when she returned to see a few fish in the aquarium, 

 next stop to the weekend night market on Thepprasit Road,

 a bit cloudy looking towards Jomtien,

 only a wisp of cloud looking inland,

 opposite the bar this evening, two stalls, one selling clothes the other shoes,

 I made my way down to the pet section,

 taking a few pictures,

 as I went,

 not many customers in the pet aisle,

 sunset over the market,

 no further work on the new structure,

 tonight we were joined by Brian,

 along with his wife Sa and Nikky, Riza also joined us here,

 then it was crash helmets on as Sa and Nikky made a move for home, we then said our farewells to Brian and we were off, but before then,

 whilst at the bar this lighted and music playing jeep drove past,

 which we saw again as we went to the car park,

next stop the Caddy Shack Inn,

 we were going to go to the Punch and Judy, but we were told a rock group would be playing there, we preferred quiet background music to accompany our meal, Riza joined us,

 the girls decided on a Thai dish, mince and mash for myself, 

The Caddy Shack Inn is opposite what was the Eden Hotel on Thepprasit Soi 8, arriving home the girls spent the evening chatting away, after saying goodbye to Riza we were then off to bed.

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